Right now, I am one person making earrings for the love of the craft and to lift up others. 

Recently, I found out about how deep Ben & Jerry's ( values run and effect their choices in making their product. 

As a new brand and since I am 1 person, I will be following suit and using this page to discuss issues and events I care about....COMING SOON.

In the meantime, please keep calling/emailing for Breonna Taylor and keep our focus on defunding/reforming the police and changing the ways in which this country keeps the Black, Brown, Indigenous and LGBTQ+, communities in a tight cycle of oppression. 

VOTE! Followers of Trump are finding ways to make voting hard or impossible ( you are not being paranoid). Until we can stop this, I am thinking absentee ballot is the best way to vote and surpass these systemic racist road blocks. Sign up for mail-in-voting/absentee ballot and if you don't trust that the mail will get your vote to the ballot box, you or someone else (You must write the person's name on your voting envelope to show you give permission to them) to drop it in the ballot box in person.  

Candid sidenote: Getting the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery arrested by emailing, calling...purely by pressure from the public and the discussions now happening due to the recent uprisings, made me believe in the power of the people and our vote. I vote, but I didn't believe things could actually change. So, I half paid attention to who was being put in local office. I just didn't think anything could really change or be effected by voting. But now, my perspective is different...we gotta vote and if you are a POC interested in running for office or working in government, do it! My brain can't keep up in that field, but I hope yours does. Taking steps towards a better society for our future generations.