Tesia pictured in, Born Royal, video shoot. Wearing Mas & Nobu Tsukiji Market Lenticular Earrings and Obi woven wrap skirt


~This is for the seekers, the style innovators, the adventurers, even the ones that believe they can't pull off bold.~

These art accessories are dedicated to my family whose roots are deep in America.

They pushed through loss and hate to survive, and then fought for a better life for their family.

Day by day they evolved and without realizing it, built a foundation and a culture for generations to come. We are not just Japanese, we are Japanese-American, and with that comes a rich and complex story.

I dedicate this to my family, the sacrifices they have made and the tenacity that runs through our veins.


Mas & Nobu pieces are so particular and unique that they make your statement before you even say 1 word.

Take a look to see which piece speaks to you.


Lenticular Earring Inventor + Accessory Innovator 


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